Gemaal op Zuid


GHOST presents Sesamstraat

GHOST presents Sesamstraat in Gemaal op Zuid, cultural centre in Rotterdam Zuid. Featuring the work of José Aramburo, Cedric Fauq, Toon Fibbe & Laura Wiedijk, Kayije Kigame, Momu No Es, Santiago Monge, Scott Pyle, Jay Tan & Geo Wyeth, Daniel Toumey and Jan Verwoert (performances over opening weekend).

The title, Sesame Street™ in Dutch, is chosen because the politics, aesthetics and mechanics of the TV Show formed the initial foundation for the exhibition. Whilst some specific references and characters can be found within the exhibition, so can Jean Genet, Eye-Guy, and a pack of wolves, concerns broaden from puppetry and doubling to the the impossibility of representation and homogenization of difference.

The exhibition will open November 9th in conjunction with South Explorer, and run until the 19th.

There will be extra performances during South Explorer over the opening weekend on Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 November

opening: Friday 9 November 19:00 – 22:00 hrs

Collaboration between Gemaal op Zuid, GHOST, and curator Furtado Melville

Pretorialaan 141, Rotterdam-Feijenoord