Foundation B.a.d

Foundation B.a.d was founded by a group of art students in 1987 and has resided at its current location, a former school building on Talingstraat 5, since 1991. B.a.d’s principal aim is to provide studios to its members, guest studios, and a venue for presentations and events. We offer temporary guest studios for local and international artists. As a Foundation with over three decades of experience, we are proud to have hosted more than 400 guests from around the world.

Talingstraat 5, 3082 MG Rotterdam

During the SouthExplorer of 10 & 11 November 2018 we proudly present:

We Are All GuestsMarc Quer, Ludovic Lacreuse, Francine Abada, Yasmim Flores, Angelo Ursini, Carmen José, Lili Ullrich. In collaboration with State of the City#6_International Residency Paviljoen aan het Water and Zimmerfrei#1_guesthouse NAC foundation, we proudly present international guest artists. In the central hall of our building, they present recent work: an exciting selection of contemporary art – from performance to spatial drawings.

Sunday 15.00 h. workshop for children by Yasmim Flores and Carmen José!

children’s workshop by Yasmin Flores

watercolour by Yasmin Flores

Francine Abada

Confins de l’Univers, Marc Quer

Carmen José: Narrative Positionen, 2017

Lili Ullrich, how to remember, I. to be free, 2018
how to remember, I. to be free is a performative sculpture that slowly melts, playing with value systems and meditating on decay and beauty. Like when light hits the sculpture’s surface and is reflected onto the floor. Its experience causes haptic reactions; it is never the same, always in movement, slowly giving birth to life (mold) in constant metamorphosis.

Ludovic Lacreuse: Tee-shirts with the brand name of the tailor who makes suits for most of French politicians.