Foundation B.a.d

Foundation B.a.d was founded by a group of art students in 1987 and has resided at its current location, a former school building on Talingstraat 5, since 1991. B.a.d’s principal aim is to provide studios to its members, guest studios, and a venue for presentations and events. We offer temporary guest studios for local and international artists. As a Foundation with over three decades of experience, we are proud to have hosted more than 400 guests from around the world.

Talingstraat 5, 3082 MG Rotterdam

Sat + Sun, 1–7 pm

B.a.d Lab: Test Results – Hilde Onis and Jan Bokma

Foundation B.a.d launches B.a.d Lab: Test Results, an exhibition series in which artists from different generations present together and experiment with forms of presenting their work.
We proudly present Jan Bokma and Hilde Onis. Both create sculptures starting from the materials and objects of everyday life, which they relate to larger structures of memory and beauty. Please visit us and check the first Test Results.