Studio Heer Danielstraat

Studios Heer Danielstraat
Address : Heer Danielstraat 29

Open studios; Saturday 18 – Sunday 19 November 2017, from 1 pm till 6 pm.

Studios Heer Danielstraat forms a surprising studio complex where a group of artists created their own workspace.

During the weekend of South Explorer, 9 artists will open their studio, these artists are:

Douwe Halbertsma, Bima Engels, Femke Gerestein, Peter Hengst, Sonia Rijnhout, Yvonne Beelen, Daniella Wesseling, Ries Groen and Rik Davids.

Also 6 guestartists will show a work in the studio of Bima Engels. These artists are:

Astrid de Pauw, Johan van Oord, Karin Rianne Westendorp, Jos van den Heuvel and Yoshiyuki Koinuma and Funda Baysal

Event: Also come to the oil paint workshop by Peter Hengst on Sunday 19th of November, starts at 4 pm till 5.30 pm.

Basic knowledge of painting is required.

Material costs are 8,- Euro.

Max 6 persons.

Send an email to :

Now will follow more background info of the artists who will  open their studio.                                                                                                                                                            Please also check the websites of the guest artists .


Douwe Halbertsma


Douwe Halbertsma is an artist living and working in Rotterdam. He works with sculpture and art projects in public space. Douwe’s sculptures are formed simply and with clarity. Although they may appear to depict everyday motifs , behind their simple appearance complex decisions have been made. In his works he plays with the fundamental principles of sculpture such as space, shape and mass . This play does not stay as an abstract conception, but always has a consequence in the meaning of his sculptures .

Douwe Halbertsma was born in Delft in 1980. He studied fine arts at the Hogeschool van de Kunsten Arnhem, where he graduated in 2003.
Since then he has exhibited throughout the Netherlands. He has done both private and public
commissioned art projects.


Bima Engels

Bima Engels paints gigiantic paintings who form a kind of reflection about abstract , cosmic worlds . During South Explorer he will show two big abstract paintings                                         Also he will be showing the works of  6 artists , forming so a dialogue of images in his atelier.


Femke Gerestein :

Zonder titel , grafiet en kleurpotlood op papier 91 cm x 59,5cm , 2017

Gerestein makes large works on paper.                                                                                                 She joins other contemporary artists who consider drawing to be a primary medium worthy of major artworks. By generating drawings and wall works of considerable physical size amplifies the attributes of figuartion , often refering to the distorted details of the human form.

During her six month long residency at Kaus Australis Femke Gerestein benefited form the use of large working which allowed her to move forward into new terrain . By using her own body imprints she has released herself from her former constraints and reliance on photo’s and grids. The new work is made by the most direct and dynamic action of mark making motion gestures and incidental pile-ups in graphite. By using her body as a drawing tool with delicated , rendered enhancements she has been able to “inhabite ” the drawings with unusual evocative effect.

Tekst by Megan Williams , A artist and fellow artist in residence in Kaus Australis.


Peter Hengst 


The work of Peter Hengst is characterized by his skillful technique to catch the “light “in high detail.                                                                                                                                                        After a periode in his work where his main focus was on portraiture , he now explores new directions . He likes working from particular themes and find inspiration in various ways.     From being inspired by a poem to finding interest in an ordinary scene at home. His knowledge of traditional dutch painting techniques helps him giving his paintings his signature refinement. He often takes pictures of scenes that interest him and use them after manipulation on the computer as starting points for his paintings. The final painting comes alive through a layered step by step painting process.


Sonia Rijnhout :


From the beginning of my artistry , I develop structures in which I arrange painted elements that are of a different nature.                                                                                                                Both the order and the elements can represent a symbolic meaning .                                        Since 2009 I’ve been working on a series of paintings and drawings in which I can naturally approach a matter of spontaneous scattering of objects , color , light and space .                       The perception and sensation of the Dutch landscape and the skies above it give rise to these paintings and drawings.                                                                                                                         From the series I ‘am  currently working on ( “Cosmos Factory “) I show two paintings as well as series drawings that orginated at the same time


Yvonne Beelen    &


Yvonne Beelen is a Dutch interdisciplinary and conceptual artist. Her work contains drawings , sculptures , installations , video , graphic design , and perforamce art.

She is known for her art about the most female body part and has been exhibiting internationally in France , Germany , Estonia and Japan.


Daniella Wesseling :


Ries Groen :


Mysterious as passion

Primitieve sciencefiction

The Quest for answers

Ries Groen , Heer Danielstraat 29-1 ( atelier ) Rotterdam


Rik Davids :


This are the websites of the guestartists who will show a work in the studio of Bima Engels

Astrid de Pauw :


Astrid de Pauw ( NL , 1973 )                                                                                                                        By drawing , I try to find ground in the ambiquous reality that surrounds me.                                  I image the complexness of impressions that are close to me with drawings.                                 In drawing , a connection is made between images and emotions. In that process I explore a wider area , giving space to opposing forces that may coexist together : holding vs. releasing , beauty vs. horror , dream vs. reality. With my work I try to do justice to the complexity of life.


Johan van Oord :


Karin Rianne westendorp

Karin Rianne Westendorp graduated in 2010 at the art academy AKI / ArtEZ Enschede.            Her work invites to look more than once. Most of the time she creates drawings and abstract video’s / animations. Her drawings are like landscapes of delicate lines. She usually makes the paper first black with charcoal . After that she draws with different types of erasers. ( and sometimes also other drawing materials )

With her abstract animations she digitally combines multiple animations / video’s ( drawn with charcoal or painted on glass ) . To research compositions , layers, shapes , depth and movements.


Jos van den Heuvel :

My paintings show a combination of reality and fiction. The natural landscapes are aplace where objects are composed of imagination and experiment.


Yoshiyuki Koinuma :

The work of Yoshiyuki Koinuma ( 1982 Japan ) is influenced by computer games , nature , animals , Science Fiction and Japanese culture. It invites spectators to use their imagination and enjoy themselves , evoking their surreal imagination , made of fantasy world and outer space.

During his residence in Leipzig , he chose radically for working on paper. This medium gives him freedom in expression when painting. He feels like a fisherman , the paper is a big river or sea full of animals


Funda Baysal :


She was born in 1990 in Ankara , Turkey . Graduated from Hacettepe University in 2012 with a bachelor degree in the education of Fine Arts – Ceramic and Glass.                                             During her master she performed practice period at Escuela de Arte Superior de Cerámica in Valencia , Spain. She is a ceramist and model maker based in Rotterdam.

How an arragement of simple lines can create an uncertain sense of spatial deph and plans ?

The basic and main feature of the work power is occurrence of work which is creating visual errors on the viewer when it is appliedin a competent manner on ceramic surfaces.                     It is the basic aim to impress the viewer. The significant feature of the work is to bring visual illusions with patterns and forms in composition of geometric shapes with striking colors .