Stichting ’t-Otje

Projectspace Attent
Struitenweg 54
Sat / Sun 13.00-17.00 h.
Sunday 14.00-16.00 h. text reading and discussion

Exhibition with Tânia Cardoso, Anne Huijbregts in Attent and an exhibition with Elco Verschoof, Rogier Arents in the space next to Attent. Text reading Maria Brederode in Attent.

Tânia Cardoso (PT) draws what she encounters on her daily routes through a city. She will show illustrations of Rotterdam and sketchbooks of other cities she lived in.
Anne Huijbregts (NL) gets inspired by natural objects. The delicate structures we can find in her drawings.
Rogier Arents (NL) is a designer and graphic artist. The works he presents is the result of a playful exploration of patterns and reflections.
Elco Verschoof (NL) paints more surfaces than scenes. He presents new work where he investigates tissue structures.
On Sunday you are invited to discuss a philosophical text with Maria Brederode.
It would be great if you manage to read the text by Foucault already before the meeting on Sunday. We could then more focus on the discussion and interpretation of the text.