Stichting ’t-Otje

Projectspace Attent
Struitenweg 54
Project-basement Verboomstraat 184 B

For the exhibition “Words From a Mythical Ocean” at Attent Ragna Misvær Grønstad (b. 1984, Norway) will show ink drawings and texts in addition to the projects woodcuts on the walls/windows. During opening hours she will be drawing continuously, and for the exhibition she will also be collaborating with the Butoh dancer/performance artist Kristin Nango (Norway), allowing for a different kind of interaction with the images in the show. Kristin Nango will give a workshop on Friday 3 to 3.45 p.m. in Attent. Please sign up by sending an email to please mention as subject Butoh workshop Attent Rotterdam. There is space for 15 participants.

Ragna, received her MFA in printmaking at the Academy of Arts Norway, Oslo 2016. 
Misvær Grønstad’s main body of work is situated within a figurative drawn aquatic landscape. She expressively uses ink as well as classical printmaking techniques, such as woodcut and intaglio. Her work is marked by a critical and philosophical voice emanating from fragments of texts and contemporary poetry.
Her practice contemplates our perception of reality and individual emancipation from a timeless perspective where a social critique is anchored. Something, that carries her belief in the positive potential of escapism and in the force of the imaginary in reality.
The Imaginarium – is how she refers to it – is where she connects the different forms of medium within her art praxis. At the core of the imaginarium, and of her prints, is an expression of the universe, the depth of the oceans and life below the surface; here we find an imaginary aquatic flora and fauna.
She formulates her approach to her images as “drawings” with unexpressed or wordless sensations rather than looking at them strictly as objects or abstracts. It is of importance to her to draw in great detail and to convey the bigger picture, reflecting her relationship to a particular worldview and creating poetic spaces for contemplating concepts as vast and profound as an intimate infinity.
For further information please visite Ragna Misvær Grønstad  website.

In the basement of Verboomstraat 184B Niels Bekkema present his lates filmproject. Currently Niels Bekkema is developing a film work tentatively titled After Hours. The way we experience the natural flow of everyday life can become distorted through motion. After Hours departs from this phenomena by portraying the slow rotary motions of the Dwingeloo Radio Telescope. Produced with the support of a research and development grant from the CBK Rotterdam, and the kind help of CAMRAS.
For further information please visite Niels Bekkema’s website.