Thomas Bijen

Dear visitor South Explorer

I regret it very much, but I am not present today (Saturday) and my studio is closed. In recent weeks, hard work has been done to finish my new studio. But as a result of delays at Stedin and the contractor, this did not work out.

On Sunday 11 November I will be there, you can see my studio house under construction as you take the spiral staircase upstairs. The elevator does not work yet. Entrance of the building is for your own risk.

Although this building is not a monument, it does have architectural value. It was built in 1914 with beautiful masonry details and stained glass windows. The building has functioned as a primary school for 100 years. In 2017 the transformation started to 6 mansions and in the attic two lofts. On Sunday 11 November you are most welcome to come and take a look in my future studio apartment in the attic.