Tot Gouw!

TOT GOUW!                                                                          G
Gouwstraat  56c
Sat / Sun 13.00-18.00 h.

H’Art&Co – coach Gerine Dubbeldam, keramist en textileartist
BKCG|Beeldend Kunstenaar Caroline Grootenboer – textileartis

Are you helping to expand our network?
To Tot Gouw we are ‘trapped in patterns’ but we want to denote this or maybe you can pick up? We are looking for networks and new interesting patterns. Follow the red thread then you come into Atelier Joy and in the downstairs ateliers, the wires are hoping and you can help unravel it or we, and when it is up to us, we create even more patterns. Do you want to help us to expand our network? We look forward to seeing you!