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Hubbub le Scope

Artists: Mihai Gui, Lavinia Xausa, Nikos Kostopoulos, Oana Clitan

17-19 November at Wolfart Project Space (Wolphaertstraat 25)

Exhibition opening: Friday, 17 November, 19:00
Hours: 12:00-18:00 on Saturday and Sunday


The passive engagement of the audience and contemporary image culture are co-dependent.

Our vision is inclined to introject the educational background, cultural values and societal codes and to establish them as shared norms for understanding and interpreting the entanglements of what happens around us. An interference, a friction in the scheme, can lead the viewer to a profound reflection of what we actually see, by analysing how we look at it.

It is precisely for this reason that sometimes it’s difficult to discern information received by communication channels which rely on similar dynamic forces. By intruding in this cycle, hidden liaisons can be uncovered; a repeated, datamoshed, stretched, erased, juxtaposed, overlapped image can be seen as a generative tool for investigating the current political situation and suggesting new ways of reevaluating our awareness. Sacrificing the visual integrity of the image retrieves its political strength, creating a unique scent all over it.

When data is ordered in an atypical manner among a definite configuration it leaves a residue, a fragment, admitting to its incapacity of patching the fullness of the message. This is the exact instant when the user can react in several potential ways, from fear to hilarity, in reply to the illusive collapse of the system. In fact, dealing with manipulated images reveals that the interference itself is a witness of the unreliability of the system’s competence in producing reality.

As light changes direction while passing from one medium to another, the exhibition aims to create refractions: Hubbub le Scope describes artists’ attempts of avoiding established correlations, specifically those resulting from the dissonance between what is real and what has been manipulated.

Lavinia Xausa

Oana Clitan

Nikos Kostopulous

Mihai Gui