Paviljoen … aan het Water!

Paviljoen …aan het Water
Brielselaan 157
Zat. 13.00-18.00 u. + SE After Party: bar open vanaf 21.00 u.
Zon. 13.00-18.00 u.


State of the City#6_International Residency program 2016-2020 with works by Klára Grančičová (CZE) and Masha Perskaya (RUS).

Flag-project Gouwplein, Masha Perskaya (RUS).

Rotterdam After 21th of March_open-workshop for public text-screen: Politics … aan het Water. Join the workshop and formulate your reflections in relation to the new political reality in Rotterdam!

PIEF PAF POEF Political After Party Sat. 23:00 – (…bar opens from 21:00)


15:30 opening wall-poetry Rieneke Grobben

corner Brielselaan/Bas Jongeriusstraat



Opening muur-gedicht Rieneke Grobben, zondag 15:30 House of Hope, Bas Jongeriusstraat