Corona measures

We like to inform you that the organisation of South Explorer is not responsible for the correct implementation of the Corona measures of RIVM. This responsibility is fully at the separate participation locations. Of course we asked all locations to implement the 1,5 meter rule, to have available desinfectant, to give signs of the route to walk through a space and to be sure that the number of visitors inside a presentation location is limited due to the size of the space. 


Friday 19 / Saturday 20 / Sunday 21 June 2020
New edition is coming! Oemg! This edition is SPECIAL because all locations will observe the corona restrictive measures. You can expect art in shop windows, a balcony concert, in buildings the number of visitors is limited so that the 1.5 meters can be maintained, there are routes with separate entrances and exits and disinfection is available, catering is adapted to the guidelines by a take away counter and limited number of visitors.


Special for this edition SOUTH EXPLORER face masks in yellow and grey are made by Diana, living in Charlois. You can buy one for € 5 at the locations tagged with this icon. The earnings will be spent on the next SE edition. Also SPECIAL because SOUTH EXPLORER is part of the biennial art festival CHARLOIS SPECIAL. Check to find more info about other events and projects of this festival.

Most locations open on Saturday and Sunday from 13.00 to 18.00 h. On Friday evening a concert will be performed in de Oude Kerk. Check the timetable and the info of each location on this poster. On the website or on you can find more detailed and actual information of each location.

How to get there
By bike: bike to the landing stage of the free ferry to cross the Maa river, which starts on the North side of the river in Jobshaven. The ferry goes every at 10, 30 en 50 min over the hour. The crossing takes about 10 min and takes you to st. Janshaven in Charlois. From there follow the map. The ferry back goes every 20 min on 00, 20 and 40 min past the hour.
By Public Transport: Metro stop Maashaven and take tram 2 to Charlois or Metro stop Zuidplein and take Bus 70 to Charlois.
By car: through the renovated Maastunnel, follow Charlois and drive around to find a parking place which is free but very difficult in Oud Charlois. In Carnisse it is not free and more easy to find a place for your car.

The organisation of South Explore is not responsable for the correct implementation of the Corona measurements of RIVM. This responsibility is at the separate participation location. 

South Explorer is mede mogelijk door bijdragen van Gemeente Rotterdam, CBK Rotterdam en stg. Hommes Foundation.


Latest News

In B.a.d. Fundation Sunday 10 November: Three performances
18.00  Chuglu (Clémence Mimault and Daniel Mitelberg) ‘Guest Suit’
18.30  Aurélie Nyirabikali Lierman and Mahatsanga LeDantec – live music meeting
19.00  Aurélie Nyirabikali Lierman – sound performance

One extra location, not mentioned in the poster, is participating JUUL in Heijplaat. Check

Friday 8, Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 November 2019

Cultural hotspots, temporary locations, galleries, artist studios and art shops open their doors simultaneously offering a various and challenging program. Scroll and Swipe through Rotterdam-South. Most locations are open on Saturday and Sunday from 13.00 to 18.00 h. On Friday  and Saturday evening there is a program with music. Check the timetable and the info of each location to be sure.

Latest news can be found on Facebook

How to get there

By bike: pass by the Euromast and enter the monumental Maastunnel-building by bike, pop out in Oud-Charlois and follow the map in this poster. Or the other way around: cross Erasmus bridge and start in Bloemhof.

By Public Transport: Metro stop Zuidplein and stroll around. From Zuidplein take Bus 70 to Charlois.

Next edition

The next edition of South Explorer will be November 9 and 10. In oktober the participating locations will be announced on the website. If you like to receive this informatie by email, send an email to


Latest news, two more locations participating

After the layout of the poster and map was finished, 2 locations acted for participation.

In W Lf_rt project spaces students of Piet Zwart Institute have an exhibition. Open on Sat and Sun from 13.00 to 18.00 hr.

On Sunday evening the Chamber Music Society will perform with a concert of Brahms and Tchaikovsky in the Oude Kerk Charlois. Start 20.15 uur, entrance free.