Ateliergebouw ‘De Verzonnen Stip’

Zwederstraat 16
Sat/Sun 13:00-19:00 h.

Performance both days at 16.00 h

Studiocomplex ‘De Verzonnen Stip” is showing the work of 9 visual artists: Anouschka Pessy, Tjalling Mulder, Marguerite de Geus, Dieuwke Eggink, Jacco Jansen, Frank Stoks, Marije Mooren, Ropp Schouten and Marli de Boer. Besides paintings, drawings, collages and a wallpainting, om 16.00 hr there will be a performance by Marguerite de Geus and life (portrait) drawing sessions will be possible. At the end of the day you can take a print of your portrait with you and enjoy drinks with us.