Atelier Galathea

Slotboomstraat 25

Sun 12.00 / 17.00 hr.

Atelier Galathea is the workshop of Mirian Zimmerman.

Since 2016, the studio is located at Slotboomstraat 25 in Rotterdam Charlois.

Before that I lived for more than 20 years on the Island of Goeree-Overflakkee in the Galathese polder, hence the name of my workshop.

My work consists of colorful paintings, where I apply different techniques.

I use acrylic and oil paint,sometimes in combination with various thickeners, lacquer paint and inks. In addition to painting, I make etchings, pastels and I am exploring old photo Processes such as cyanotype and gum print.

Nature is my inspiration and most of the work I make is based on photos I’ve taken. I like to walk around with my camera for inspiration. Nature is a very broad subject to me. I would describe this as follows:

“The landscape is my inspiration.

Structures, space, contrasts and color.

Inspiring and surprising.

The relaxation, the dream or the hard reality.

Different every time.

The experience of the landscape brings emotion.

Destruction and renewal.

Loneliness and nullity.

The unexpected surprise and joy.

All this is the landscape to me “

In addition to my own artistic projects, I provide art projects and workshops for primary education in the context of “culture education with quality”. In recent years, I have been culture coordinator for 13 schools at Goeree-Overflakkee, where I have supported the schools in the design of art and culture education. Recently, I have started working as a subject teacher at a primary school in Rotterdam (OBS Blijvliet)

For more information, please visit my website:

You are more than welcome at my workshop during South Explorer and feel free to contact me for a visit afterwards.