Koffie en Ambacht

Ebenhaezerstraat 52

CONCERT FRYDAY Concert 20.00-22.00 h Open from 14.00 / 23.00 hr.

Sat open from 14.00-23.00 h

Not only coffee, wonderful wines and vegetarian lunch at Koffie & Ambacht, but a concert that suits the atmosphere of the deeper South of that swinging world city Rotterdam.


Ben Bertrand (Be – Les Atelier Claus Rec) is armed with a bass clarinet and backed with sound effects, aiming in the direction of the contemporary classical section of your record collection. Dreamlike compositions that take you to his warm and minimal world. In the musical sauna, Ben Bertrand sits in between Gavin Bryars and Jon Hassell. For ‘les albums claus’, Ben Bertrand made 5 compositions overflowing in a musical crescendo, unfolding it’s character and talent in an unified primitive/futuristic sound combining features of world ethnic styles with advanced electronic techniques.


Jean D.L. (Be – Sub Rosa, Gizeh Records) (guitar & tape machine) develops a universe at once intimistic and noisy, made of hazy soundscape. Jean D.L. has worked in solo but has also collaborated with the likes of Lee Ranaldo, Mauro A. Pawlowski, Teun Verbruggen, Jozef Van Wissem, Anla Courtis, Jozef Dumoulin, Damo Suzuki Network, Karen Willems, Julia Kent…