Foundation B.a.d

Foundation B.a.d was founded by a group of art students in 1987 and has resided at its current location, a former school building on Talingstraat 5, since 1991. B.a.d’s principal aim is to provide studios to its members, guest studios, and a venue for presentations and events. We offer temporary guest studios for local and international artists. As a Foundation with over three decades of experience, we are proud to have hosted more than 400 guests from around the world.

In collaboration with State of the City#7_International Residency Paviljoen… aan het Water, we proudly present international guest artists. In the central hall of our building, they present a new collaborative conceptual contemporary art and audio installation.

Talingstraat 5, 3082 MG Rotterdam


Sat/Sun 13.00-18.00 h.
We Are All Guests
The Freezer 2019

 Tom,  The Mak of All Trades, Kate Genever, Stijn Wybouw and Alex Phillips

As a guest, how does one show gratitude?
As guests at Foundation B.a.d. how does one reciprocate or contribute?
How could we collectively use our interests and skills for good?

The ice cream freezer is for sale.
The ice creams offered are for free.
Our ambition is to sell the freezer.

Our shared artwork utilises a machine that is no longer needed but has value – we have polished it, primed it, priced it and now we demonstrate it and create a promotional sound track around it.
We want the best price.

99.99 for the Freezer
999.99 for the Ice Cream Machine
9999.99 for the Sculpture

If you have any questions please ask the helpful sales associate in uniform.

 Tom,  The Mak of All Trades, Kate Genever, Stijn Wybouw and Alex Phillips

Artist Bio:

Kate Genever grew up on a diary farm in the UK, milking cows twice a day. She is also the proud inventor of different flavoured cows producing different flavoured ice creams. Her latest work combining science and art [still in development] involves genetically altered coloured milk.

Tom is the next generation in a long line of cleaning specialists for the ice cream industry. His family has been involved in this business since 1722 and is a household name in ice cream circles. He is an I.C.E.C.R.E.A.M. Sundae Painter

Stijn  is a professional ice cream worker since last summer. Working at minus 35 degrees has affected his musical abilities, which has enabled him time to work on his side hobby of capturing in carbon stasis ice cream vendor jingles for future generations.

The Mak of All Trades is the first Persian to walk unsupported to the South Pole. This adventure has led to an ambition to turn the whole of Antarctica into one huge popsicle, using ancient ante-deluvian permaculture processes.

Alex a well-established American ‘UTZ certified’ ice cream social specialist, who has been flown in especially for this project. Her background prior to this hugely successful career was in ice sculpting using real ice cream, for which she won numerous awards.