Onder aan de dijk 54

Grondherendijk 54

Sat 20.00 h concert, entrance € 10, students € 5

 Ηχώ Ichó

Five women, five unique voices. In Greek mythology, Ηχώ, meaning ‘Echo’ or ‘I resound’ is an oread, a mountain nymph who was cursed by goddess Hera to repeat only the last words spoken to her because of covering Zeus’ affairs with the beautiful nymphs.

Inspired by myths, traditions, poetry and everyday stories, Ichó stimulates the senses of the audience with their seducing voices. They explore the capabilities of the female voice and they deliver a fresh approach to vocal performance through old and new songs from around the world, exclusively arranged by them. Ichó vocal group consists of Nefeli Beri, Georgia Nicolaou, Vanessa Kourtesi, Andriana Achitzanova and Sara Abraham.